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Ford Transit Diagnostic for Non Start

26th February 2014

I went to look at this Transit for another garage. A new engine had been fitted and now would not start. The timing had been adjusted as they had to swap over the fuel injection pump.


No fault codes were stored, new battery & starter motor had been fitted and engine was now turning over fine. I noticed that the injectors were not being controlled by the ECU. Whilst looking through the live data, I noticed that the Camshaft/Crankshaft was not synchronised according to the ECU.


So I initially thought of a timing issue, so I used the oscilloscope to measure the signals from the Cam & Crankshaft sensors and compared them to a good known capture.


From looking at the fist scope image below, I was zoomed in and noticed that the cam & crank reference points were too close so I advise that the timing was checked… Which all checked out ok, this confused me a little.

Transit Non Start





After looking a little further I zoomed out on the capture and noticed 4 crankshaft reference points to 1 camshaft, which wasn’t right. The sensor is fitted onto the flywheel, so the starter motor was removed which allowed visual access to where the crank sensor picks up on the flywheel… A tooth had been damaged during the engine fitment. The damaged was repaired and then the vehicle started first turn of the key!


I liked this diagnostic as we found the fault fairly promptly, without an oscilloscope I’m sure that this diagnostic would have been a lot trickier!


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