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11th January 2014 Posted in:

This lovely example of an Insignia came in today for a Full Service and new brake pads. This Insignia was a 2.0 Diesel, our Full Service includes all the filters (oil, air, pollen & fuel).  

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20th September 2013 Posted in:

Last week we had a customer enquire and booked in for the removal of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The filter had become too blocked to allow a forced regeneration, so the customer opted to remove the filter and have a full performance remap. The benefits of doing this are; Much …

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We can now Remap most vehicles so you can gain from better drivability, performance and fuel economy. Many newer vehicles (2009 onwards) have protected ECU’s, we can now remap these in-house and you will have your vehicle ready to drive away the same day! Give us a call or look …

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6th April 2013 Posted in:

We have a BMW E46 M3 in our Bosch Diagnostics centre, recovered in as a non runner. Diagnostics are still in progress – we can diagnose all makes of vehicle, give us a call if you have a problem!

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10th February 2013 Posted in:

This week we had a C4 in from another garage for poor running at idle and engine management light on – that’s all the info we got! So I set to, started by carrying out a diagnostic using our Bosch KTS. Fault codes stored relating to multiple cylinder misfire (P0300). At idle, you …

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