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See what a remap can do for you


We use Europe’s Premier Remapping Company

Evolution Chips have over 100 installers across the UK and Europe and offer more to our customers than any other remapping company, so it has never been easier or safer to equip your car with an Evolution Chips remap.

We offer:

  • 7 day ‘no quibble’ trial period so you can test in your own time.
  • Lifetime warranty on the product against corruption or other defect.
  • Easy access to your original calibration file if you need it.
  • Power and torque improvement guaranteed.
  • Fuel economy improvements guaranteed if turbo diesel powered.

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Why remap?

With the same vehicle being sold throughout the world, the map in the ECU has to work in all different environments, from the Sahara to Alaska…and everywhere in-between, so it makes sense to have a ‘map’ that optimises your vehicle for optimum economy and performance, ensuring reliability-efficiency and most importantly in this day and age Climate Friendly. With remapping your vehicle the full potential can be released, you will notice an immediate improvement, with more torque and power and a much smoother drive, also benefiting your wallet with an average improvement of 10-20% more fuel economy meaning noticeable savings on fuel.


Petrol: (non-turbo)

Remapping a normally aspirated engine should see an increase of 10-15% in BHP and an increase of 15-20% in torque, making it stronger at lower rpm.

Petrol: (Turbo)

Remapping a turbo engine should see an increase of 20-30% in BHP and an increase of 20-40% in torque greatly improving flexibility in all gears.


Remapping a diesel turbo results in the greatest gains of any engine. You should see an increase of 20-50% in BHP and an increase of 40-70% in torque, giving total flexibility in all gears (ideal for towing).

The remap procedure involves connecting to the vehicles socket and extracting the data from the ECU, backing up the original data and then reprogramming with our custom software. This procedure will usually take up to an hour. We can also modify the remap if your vehicle has already been modified.

To arrange a booking call us on 01522 535840.

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